Baby Sign is a wonderful way to connect with your child.

Does your baby wave ‘bye bye’, ask to be picked up or point? Yes? Then your baby is already signing and communicating with you!

Why use baby sign?

Your baby can use their hands and communicate through gestures long before they can use their mouth and voice. Using baby sign is a bridge between the two stages and gives you a wonderful opportunity to share things, ease frustration, stop tantrums and most importantly have fun together.

How will my child benefit from using baby sign?

Your child will develop their hand eye coordination from about 6 months old. They will start experimenting and learning to use their hands and this a perfect time to introduce some simple signs. Your child is bursting to share things with you, play and take part in family life, so why not give them the skills to join in. They will start to learn how to speak and use their mouths from about 18 months old. Using baby sign is a bridge between the two stages and a way to help them express themselves and make themselves understood long before they can talk.

He could tell me he wanted to see the ducks which gave him the feeling that he had some control over his life and I could satisfy his needs more easily- Catherine, Mum to Sam aged 2 years

You know that your child is learning all the time, you can see it in their face. They are able to understand language and the environment around them long before they can fully take part. Signing together can strengthen the bond with your child and make them feel happier and more relaxed if they can communicate and be understood by those close to them.

How will it help me?

Using baby sign can will make your life easier! No more guessing why your child is crying at 3am, they can sign to you. Ok, maybe nothing can help at 3am, but giving your baby the skills to communicate with you is powerful and will help you to understand what they are trying to say.

Will it stop my child from talking?

Using baby sign won’t stop your child from talking. Not at all. When you use signs you should also say the words and this will help your child to link the word and the sign/visual clue. Once your child is talking you may find they drop the signing, but that’s ok, you have given them the most amazing boost in their early years.

What’s not to love about baby sign? Let’s get started!

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