Baby Sign is a fantastically easy way for your baby to chat to you before they can talk!

It’s about using signs and gestures with your baby, and giving them a way of copying you to make themselves understood.

Learning just few signs can really help boost your baby’s communication, ease their frustration, and make your life a little easier by removing the guessing game.

Why use baby sign?

⭐️ Babies can use their hands from about 6 months old and can point, wave and clap from very early on.
⭐️ Your baby wants to share things with you and be included in family life but can frustrated easily.
⭐️ It’s upsetting when you don’t know what your baby wants.
⭐️ Talking will come, but not of some time, so adding just a few signs and gestures can make things easier and calmer for everyone.

How to get started?

⭐️ Pick a few signs that are helpful to you and use them as much as you can.
⭐️ Always talk when you sign, so that your baby make the connection between the word and the sign.
⭐️ Signing is really visual and intuitive – it’s easier than you think. The sign for ‘sleep’ is like going to sleep.
⭐️ The more you sign, the more likely it is your baby will copy you and sign back.

It’s MAGIC when your baby copies you and it’s your first conversation with your baby! The signs may be subtle or small at first, but keep an eye out and remember praise, praise, praise and respond to the sign.

Give it a try, pick a few signs and let me know how you get on! Try our Top Starter Signs to get you going.

At Little Hands Baby Sign we learn signs borrowed from British Sign Language (BSL).

Enjoy the magic!

Kathryn xx