Start learning our top 5 baby sign today and help your baby to ‘chat’ you before they talk.

Your little one is busting to share things with you and to be included in everyday family life. It can be really frustrating for them when they just can’t get the words out, but from about 5 months old they can start to use their hands more meaningfully, so learning baby sign language together can give them a way to communicate with you and help them feel included and calmer.

Learning just a few baby signs with your little one can really help develop their language skills and boost their confidence. You’re giving them a way to be ‘heard’ long before they can speak. It can also make your life a bit easier when they can sign to you to say I want milk, or food or even a nap! Repeat repeat repeat and watch as your little one will start to copy and sign back!

Please don’t worry, learning baby sign language will not stop your little one from talking, read more about this in our blog.

Let me know how you get on!

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