Let's start learning signs today!

Using some helpful and simple baby signs with your child will help with their communication, ease their frustration and help their development. Just try a few signs and watch and listen as they copy you and reply.

Little Hands Baby Sign

Top 10 starter signs

Learn the most useful signs to get you started!

Learn to sign
Little monkey at Little Hands Baby Sign

Everyday signs

Learn useful everyday signs that you can use with your child. We will keep adding to this list, so keep checking!

Learn everyday signs
Little Hands Baby Sign make happy babies

Signed songs and nursery rhymes

Here you will find links to YouTube videos of signed songs and nursery rhymes. We will keep updating this section, so keep checking!

Learn signed songs
West London baby sign with Little Hands Baby Sign

Christmas signed songs and vocabulary

It’s that time of year again! Learn some fun signs and songs for the festive season. Here you will find links to YouTube videos of Christmas signed songs and vocabulary.

It's Christmas!

Other useful links

Here are some other websites and resources to help you learn with your child.