🐣 🐥 🐰  Happy Easter! 🐰 🐥 🐣 ⁠

This is my favourite time of year. I love the flowers 🌸 peeking out the ground, leaves 🍃 growing on the trees and the long Easter weekend. ⁠
Let’s learn some lovely Easter signs for the weekend:⁠

🐣 Easter – A cross on the back of your hand, I always remembered it like a hot cross bun. ⁠
🍫 Chocolate Egg – C hand shape at our chin and then a large ball or egg⁠
🐰 Bunny – floppy bunny ears on top of your head, just like a bunny ⁠
🐥 Chick – A little beak for a little chick⁠
🌱 Spring – Think of plants growing out of the ground⁠
🌸 Flower – the smell of a flower.⁠

You can also download our free Easter colouring page.

Wishing you all a happy Easter and I hope you can enjoy some time with your family outside. ⁠

Much love, ⁠

Kathryn x⁠