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Learning baby sign is easier than you think

Is your baby waving ‘bye bye’, asking to be picked up or pointing? Then your baby is already signing and communicating with you!

Signs are all based on the visual and are very intuitive. You'll know more signs than you expect. Think about what animals look like: a giraffe has a long neck, a cat has whiskers - and that's how we sign them! Or try actions without the object, like having a drink, or brushing your teeth.

Learning a few baby signs and gestures with your baby can help their communication, ease their frustration, and also make your life a little easier by removing the guessing game.

Use the signs as much as you can and every day. We also always talk when we sign (in whichever language you use at home) so that your baby can connect the word and the sign.

At Little Hands Baby Sign we are using signs borrowed from British Sign Language (BSL), a beautiful and expressive living language.

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