I don’t know about you, but I am getting so bored with the same meals week in and week out 😩 . ⁠

So, I wanted to share my favourite idea for weaning when mine were small and start a Recipe Swap. 🍲⁠

These Mini Quiches were a huge hit in our house when we started weaning. You can pretty much add anything you like, left over veg🥕, cooked meat 🍗 or fish🦐 or cheese🧀 .⁠

They are delicious warm, perfect for lunch boxes, but also freeze brilliantly and handy for batch cooking. Using silicone moulds makes them super easy to make. 👌⁠

You could also put the mixture into a frying pan 🍳, chop a small portion into finger wedges for baby, and the rest is a hot easy peasy lunch for Mummy and Daddy! 😁⁠

Please check the temperature of the quiches before you give to your child, and obviously make with your family’s likes or allergies in mind. 👍⁠

Also take a peek at our family favourite breakfast treat; Easy Porridge Fingers. Pear and chocolate drops are so yummy! ⁠

Please do share your favourite recipes for little ones or grown ups in the comments below ⬇️ on on our social media!

I’m feeling hungry already….

Kathryn x⁠