How baby sign can help you and your baby

How baby sign can help you and your baby

Is your baby a bit frustrated? Are they trying to ‘talk’ to you but they just don’t have the words? Is it hard to understand what they want? Let baby sign help you and make your life easier with a calmer and happier baby.

Smiling mother and two childrenYour child is bursting to share things with you, play and take part in family life, so why not give them the skills to join in. Learning baby sign is an easy way to help give your child a ‘voice’ before they can talk. Your baby will develop their hand eye coordination from about 6 months old. They will start experimenting and learning to use their hands and this a perfect time to introduce some helpful everyday simple signs. They won’t really get going with speech until about 18mths old, so adding even just a few signs to your everyday life can bridge that gap and help make your life little easier.

Try some simple signs such as ‘milk’, ‘more’ or ‘eat’ and use them every day when you speak. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Watch and wait, your baby will start to copy you and make themselves ‘heard’. It’s wonderful to see!

I’ve used baby sign with both my children and it has helped make our daily communication so much easier. I don’t have to guess what they want as often, they just sign it to me. It took a little patience but signing allowed them both to share things with me and helped me be a more observant mum. Baby sign definitely strengthened our bond and made them feel happier and more relaxed as they could communicate and be understood by those close to them.

Baby signing thank you

Our son Sam was all about transport, his favourite signs were ‘train’ and ‘car’ and ‘plane’ – the joy of growing up in the flight path! But also, really helpful signs like ‘more’ and ‘drink’. Our daughter Amy signed more from 5 months old which was amazing and she then gained more and more in confidence when she could see I understood her.  She’s all about animals and giraffe was one of her first signs, followed by cat, owl, dog, fish, bird, monkey, elephant…… the list goes on. It’s also been very special watching Sam teach her signs, namely ‘dinosaur’ but also really lovely signs like ‘butterfly’.

See you soon,

Kathryn x

Little Hands Baby Sign classes run in Brentford on Tuesdays mornings and Hanwell on Thursday mornings from September 2018. Find out more about the classes here.

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