Everyone is welcome at Little Hands Baby Sign!

Little Hands Baby Sign in west London is a fun and relaxed baby sign class for parents with babies and children aged 0-2 years old. Join us and learn helpful everyday signs that will help you communicate with your little ones.

Your child is bursting to share things with you, so why not give them the skills to communicate with you before they can even talk!

Signing with your baby boosts their development, improves communication and eases frustration, making daily life easier for you both. Find out more about the benefits of baby sign here.

At Little Hands Baby Sign you will learn child friendly signs through role play, songs and stories. Each week we will cover a different topic and learn helpful and simple signs that you and your family can use in your everyday life.

You will also meet local parents and have a drink and a biscuit at the end of the class while your child plays in a safe and fun environment.

Great class, Kathryn, well done. Can’t belive how many of the signs have stuck in my mind! Fingers crossed they stay there & I can get into the habit of using them with the kids – we managed a few at lunch at least- Bryony, Mum to Thomas 7mths and Kathryn 2yrs
Classes are delivered by me, Kathryn. I’m parent just like you and understand both the pleasures and pressures that brings. We aim to offer a lovely little class that your child will enjoy, where you can both learn something useful and also relax and meet other parents.

Our classes run term time only and we cover a different family friendly theme each week. Buy your flexible 6 session stamp card for £50 which is valid for 3 moths from your first class. Or pay £10 for the drop in rate per session. Siblings can join for free if aged 0-2yrs.

You can join our classes at any point during our term as long as we have space.

Each week you will also receive a handout to help you remember what you’ve learned and help prompt you when practicing at home.

When and where?

We run classes in Brentford, Ealing Broadway and Hanwell:

Tuesday 10am – 10.45am at Brentford Methodist Church. Full details here.

Wednesday 10am – 10.45am at Ealing Quaker Meeting House, Ealing Broadway. Full details here.

Thursday 10.15am – 11am at Hanwell Methodist Church. Full details here.

Term dates:

Classes run term time only:

  • Spring Term: 7 January – 5 April 2019
    • Half term 18-22 February 2019
  • Summer Term: 22 April – 19 July  2019
    • Half term 27 – 31 May 2019

How much?

Buy your flexible 6 session stamp card for £50. This is a pre-paid stamp card which is valid for 3 months from your first class. Siblings are welcome for free if aged 0-2yrs.

Or you can join us as a drop-in and pay £10 per session.

Payment are made online via Stripe, or you can pay by card or cash in class.

What else might I need to know?

Classes are relaxed, feel free to feed or breastfeed your baby, change a nappy or have a snack. It’s all good with us. We only ask you put your phone on silent so that you don’t distract others or take your attention away from your little ones during the class.

There is also plenty of time to chat and socialise with parents at the end of the class and enjoy a drink and a biscuit.

Children with any level of hearing loss or disability are most welcome.

Other information

If you would like to hold your own Little Hands Baby Sign class for a group of friends or NCT group please do contact us.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions.

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