What is baby sign?

What is baby sign?

group of signing babiesBaby sign is a really fun and easy way to help your baby to communicate with you before they can talk. Signing is about giving your child a visual clue and action to what you are saying and giving them the opportunity to ‘chat’ back. It is using signs borrowed from British Sign Language (BSL) and uses them to help us in everyday family life.

We all use gestures to communicate; pointing, clapping and waving and high fives. From about 6/7 months old your baby can use their hands and communicate through simple gestures and signs, which is long before they can use their mouth and voice at about 18 months or so. Think about it, it is much easier to open and close your hand to sign ‘milk’ than it is to say it, you need to move your lips, tongue, cheeks and use your voice at the same time – that takes some learning. Using baby sign is like a bridge between these two stages and gives you a wonderful opportunity to share things, ease frustration, stop tantrums and have a little chit chat with your little one.

Little Hands Baby Sign make happy babies

“Started taking my daughter to classes at 6 months and within a couple of sessions (and practice at home) we were able to communicate a lot better and she now tells me when she wants milk, more food, sleep, nappy change and lots lots more! The classes are in a very relaxed environment, with time to chat, eat chocolate biccies and have fun with the babies! Highly recommend!”.  Leianne, Mum to Nancy

I’m a parent just like you and I’ve been signing with our two small people from around 6-9 months (Amy was quicker being baby number two!) They have both loved it, thrived using it and have been happy little signers. They are now both big talkers and it has allowed us to have lots of fun together and build a really strong bond.

See you soon,

Kathryn x

Little Hands Baby Sign classes run in Brentford on Tuesdays mornings and Hanwell on Thursday mornings from September 2018. Find out more about the classes here.

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