Baby Sign Classes

– Class Update September 2020 –

Our classes are currently paused due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I am working hard to come back to you all with a new Autumn timetable.

Please register your interest in our classes and be the first to know when bookings are open.

You can also join our Facebook group Little Hands Parenthub and enjoy our live sessions from lockdown and start learning baby sign today.

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Baby Sign Classes

Your child is bursting to share things with you, to include you in their world and to be a part of everyday family life.

Join our baby sign classes and give your child an easy way to ‘talk’ you using signs and gestures before they can say their first word.

Baby sign is about adding a visual action to your words. It’s just like how you're teaching ‘bye bye’, by adding a waving action for your baby to copy before they can say the words.

Your little one can start to use their hands from about 5 months old, but speech may not come for some time, around 18 months. Using signs can bridge the gap between the two stages and gives you a wonderful opportunity to share things, ease frustration, stop tantrums and most importantly have fun together.

Join our warm and friendly baby sign classes

Each week at Little Hands Baby Sign we will:

  • cover a different family friendly topic
  • learn easy and helpful signs through role play, songs and stories
  • meet local parents and have a drink and a biscuit
  • take home a sign card to help remember what we learned.

You can join our classes at any point during our term as long as we have space.

I’m Kathryn and I teach all of our baby sign classes. I’m a parent just like you and each week I aim to offer a lovely little class that your child will enjoy, where you can both learn something useful and meet new friends.

We run weekly 45 minute classes in Ealing Broadway, Hanwell and Brentford:

Due to the pandemic, our class timetable may well change.

Our classes run term time only.

Dates for Autumn 2020 to be decided due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

  • Our weekly classes run in term time.

Our classes are flexible and family friendly:

  • Your first class is £5
  • You can buy a Flexible Pass and save money with 6 sessions for £50
    • Your pre-paid Flexible Pass is valid for 3 months from your first class and non-refundable
  • You can pay as you go for £10 per session
  • A twin or one sibling is welcome for free (if aged 0-2yrs)
  • Bookings made via our online booking system
  • Please also read our Terms and Conditions.

Our classes are relaxed. Feel free to feed or breastfeed your baby, change a nappy or have a snack. It’s all good with us. We only ask you put your phone on silent, so that you don’t distract others or take your attention away from your little ones during the class.

There is also plenty of time to chat and socialise with parents at the end of the class and enjoy a drink and a biscuit.

Children with any level of hearing loss or disability are most welcome.

If you would like to hold your own Little Hands Baby Sign class for a group of friends or NCT group please do contact us.

Interested? Join our weekly classes

Join us at any point in the term, our classes are family friendly and flexible.