Baby Sign Classes

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Baby Sign Classes

Bookings open for April 2021!

Come and join us and learn brilliant baby sign. We sing, we play and we enjoy a story and learn helpful and easy signs to use with your baby.

Your child is bursting to share things with you, to include you in their world and to be a part of everyday family life.

Join our Covid Safe baby sign classes and give your child an easy way to ‘talk’ you using signs and gestures before they can say their first word.

Baby sign is about adding a visual action to your words. It’s just like how you're teaching ‘bye bye’, by adding a waving action for your baby to copy before they can say the words.

Your little one can start to use their hands from about 5 months old, but speech may not come for some time, around 18 months. Using signs can bridge the gap between the two stages and gives you a wonderful opportunity to share things, ease frustration, stop tantrums and most importantly have fun together.
Our classes are Covid Secure and we have taken great care to meet all the Government guidelines to keep us all safe. You can be assured that we are safe to open, whilst also keeping our warm, relaxed and friendly class.

Warm and friendly online baby sign classes

Each week at Little Hands Baby Sign we will:

  • cover a different family friendly topic
  • learn easy and helpful signs through role play, songs and stories
  • meet local parents and have a drink and a biscuit
  • take home a sign card to help remember what we learned.

Book to join our online classes here.

I’m Kathryn and I teach all of our baby sign classes. I’m a parent just like you and each week I aim to offer a lovely little class that your child will enjoy, where you can both learn something useful and meet new friends.

Covid Safe baby class
Our classes are Covid Secure

Be assured that we have taken great care to meet all the Government guidelines to keep us all safe, whilst also keeping our warm, relaxed and friendly class.

Bookings are made in blocks of 5/6 sessions to make it easier for everyone to commit to classes. We will also have a smaller group, socially distanced, with the same families each week so you can get to know each other.

We have undertaken extensive risk assessments, updated our policies, and we are exempt from the rule of 6 as we are an organised children’s activity working to strict Covid-19 safety measures.

Read our ‘What to expect from our Covid Safe baby class’ blog for more information and details on the changes we have made.

A few things I kindly ask of you when joining our in-person classes: 

  • Book online before joining us and complete the online health declaration.
  • A family booking is for one adult and two children (max).
  • Please stay at home if you or a family member are unwell and showing symptoms of Covid-19 and follow the Government Guidelines.
  • Follow social distancing before, during and after class.
  • Use the one-way system and our welcome station hand sanitiser.
  • Wear a mask when you enter class, move around and leave. You can take your mask off when you’re settled in your space with your little one.
  • Stay on your mat during class and collect your child if they start to wander away from you.
    • I understand this is hard for little ones and we will play games to make it fun. But please remember you are responsible for your child during our time together.
  • Enjoy the toys and props on your mat, but please don’t share them with others.
  • Join in with all the signs and actions during our songs, but please try to sing quietly to your child. Odd I know, but this is to limit aerosol particles as per Government advice.
  • Bring your own travel cup with a lockable lid, a snack for your little one, a blanket and your own nappy changing mat. I’ve got the rest covered.
  • Please make sure you read our updated Terms & Conditions and our Covid-19 Policy before you join us.

If you have ANY questions, email us at

We run weekly 45 minute classes in Brentford and Hanwell:

Our classes run term time only and your booking is a half term block or 5/6 classes. Classes aimed at children aged 0-2yrs.

Our Ealing Broadway class remains paused for the time being.

You can also learn @Home with us and join our weekly online class.

Our classes are back in person from April 2021! In line with the Government Roadmap, baby classes can reopen indoors from the 12 April 2021.

Dates for 2021:

  • Our Summer term will start Monday 19th April 2021 until Friday 16th July 2021
    • Half term break is Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021.

Our weekly classes run in term time. Bookings made in half term blocks of 5/6 classes.

  • Our online classes are £5 per session and can be booked weekly.
  • In person classes are £10 a class; bookings made in half term blocks of 5/6 weeks.
  • A family booking is for 1 adult and a maximum of 2 children.
  • Bookings made via our online booking system.
  • If we have space you may be able to join us mid term.
  • Please also read our Terms and Conditions.
  • If you are unwell and not able to join our classes; you can join our online classes @Home instead or apply for a £5 class credit.

Sadly at the moment we are not able to offer our flexible class passes due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Our classes are relaxed. Feel free to feed or breastfeed your baby, change a nappy or have a snack. It’s all good with us. We only ask you put your phone on silent, so that you don’t distract others or take your attention away from your little ones during the class.

There is also plenty of time to chat and socialise with parents at the end of the class and enjoy a drink and a biscuit.

Children with any level of hearing loss or disability are most welcome.

You can read all about ‘What to expect from our Covid Safe baby class’ in our blog for more information and details on the changes we have made.

If you would like to hold your own Little Hands Baby Sign class for a group of friends or NCT group please do contact us.

Interested? Join our weekly classes